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—AFPAK K cup Filling Sealing Packaging Solutions

K-cups are the most popular single-serve coffee products in North America, Central America area. Now 27% of US coffee drinkers use a single-cup brewer and there are 42% of American families own a single-cup brewing system. In the coming 5 years, the coffee pods and capsules market is predicted to record a CAGR of 7.1% (data from Satistics)
More and more people like their convenience, freshness, and easy to use. The continuous updating of packaging technology also allows the flavor of coffee to be preserved longer
AFPAK began to provide special customized K cup filling sealing packaging solutions to small and medium enterprises in the United States in 2010. So far, we have successfully provided various K cup filling packaging machines to more than 150 coffee factories, which are located in North, Central and South America. South Korea, Malaysia and other countries and regions.
The rich and long service experience has given us a deep understanding of the particularity of K-cups products, so we are constantly upgrading and transforming our equipment to better meet customer requirements. Now our K cup solutions have the following Features:
  • Excellent performance: Our equipment is finely polished and debugged, and now the performance of our equipment has reached the world’s leading level
  • Ultra-high-precision filling: Whether you are light, medium or deep coffee, our machine can achieve high-precision filling, and each cup of your coffee weighs the same
  • Beautiful sealing effect: the unique sealing design makes your k-cups stand out and become the first choice of customers
  • Simple maintenance: we continue to improve the structure of the machine, now you do not need special maintenance, the performance of the machine will not decrease over time
  • Perfect after-sales service: no matter where you are, we will immediately respond to all your operational doubts
There are more features, waiting for you to experience it yourself
So how can we produce a high-quality K-cup? Take a look at the solution now
K cup filling and sealing machine

Entry level


30-50 cpmin
Full Automatic
All use schneider/Omron/SMC parts
Small Layout
☀Most Popular☀
Single lane 50-70 cpmin
Machine size: L1.2*W1*H2.15m (L3.93ft*W3.28ft*H7ft)
All use schneider/Omron/SMC parts
220V 1Ph Votlage. 2Kw/h
RN1S rotary K cup filling Machine
RN120 K cup filling machine

New choice


Rotary type 2 lanes produce 100-120cpmin
High efficient Nitrogen filling system
Global top brands electrical parts

High Yield


2/4/6/8/10 LANES 100-500 cpmin
More functions suits for big production required
Can connect with cartoning machine
K cup filling sealing machines
K cup packaging machine

Custom Solutions


Custom build solution
Design to pack 12/18/24/36/100 k cups in one box/carton
Can connect your current K cup filling and sealing machines

High Quality

Empty K cups

Have both Welded K cups/Seperated K cups
PP+EVOH layer, Protect your coffee for more than 12 months.
Small MOQ, Fast delivery
Welded filter empty k cups

2.0 system compatible

K Cup Sealing Lids

Pre-cut type
Special Purple color ring to use in 2.0 system
Can print your logo and information

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