New system, New look, New experience

After 5 years of continuous upgrading and R & D, we have collected feedback from several customers to make RN1S K cup filling machine in 2020 exude vitality.

The newly designed system makes him more intelligent, and many improved functions make it easier to use. RN1S k cup filling machine, a nearly perfect device.

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working of k cup filling machine

Working Area of RN1S K cup filling machine

Small but complete

Production of one high-quality Kcup capsule in one machine

RN1S has: empty k cup pick and place, No cup No fill sensor, fill, precut lids pick and place (Or use roll film cut and seal), seal, output.

No other equipment is needed, you can get a perfect KCUP in less than 1 second.

In addition, the machine can also purchase some accessories, such as online weighing systems, etc.

Ultra-high-speed production

When other machines can only produce 20 or 50 per minute, RN1S can already produce stably at 70 cups per minute, and the machine is very stable and will not shake. This is due to our new functional layout design and the application of more mechanized devices, and the strong load-bearing capacity of the machine.

Free your labor, a machine is equivalent to 10 workers, how good!

interchange of k cup filling machine


The biggest advantages of the rotary machine is that it can change molds to produce different capsules.(As the machine size limited, it cannot produce like dolce gusto coffee products, lavazza points ,etc.)

This is an option, if need to change different systems, you need to tell us the capsules you want to use firstly

Your K cup filling machine should be very easy to clean

Coffee powder equipment is best to clean the barrel at the end of each day. It used to take an hour to clean up, now you only need 10 minutes.

See how easy it is to clean our equipment


Step 1

1, Press the “Running” button, and then in the Running Page, switch the “Auto” to “Manual”. 2. Then press “Filling” button
k cup filling machine filler hopper adjust 2

Step 2

Keep press the up (⬆) arrow to lift up the filling hopper.

Step 3

Then press the Green buton “RUN”. The machine will begin to empty filling hopper. After cleaning, you just need to put the filler back, then cleaning finish

Your Every capsule is the same weight

High-precision screw filling allows your coffee granules and other granular products to be quickly and accurately filled into the K-cups.

The filling weight can be adjusted, and you can load the product you want. One machine can do multiple SKUs. Meeting your customer needs

Your Every Capsule is Beautiful

The newly designed sealing system can contact at high speed without affecting the appearance of the sealing surface, and the sealing strength is strong

The sealing temperature can be adjusted to meet the use of capsules of different materials.


Your coffee deserves protection

Fresh coffee always attracts more people.

How to make your K-cup more people enjoy, then its preservation technology is very important.

RN1S K cup filling machine provides up to 7 nitrogen filling systems to keep kcup at the freshest moment

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AFPAK offer one-stop solution for K cup Filling and packaging system.
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Machine size and required air

Machine size: L1200*W1000*H2150mm; Machine weight: 800KGS; Need 7.5Kw/10HP/43SCFM air compressor and 5CBMper hour Nitrogen supply


One person is enough to run this machine and the machine can work 24 hours per day.

Machine parts

The machine electrical parts are mainly from global top brands like Schneider, Omron, Autonics, Sick, etc.

Machine Gurantee

2 Years Global Guarantee, and lifelong maintainance service.

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