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Now, our H1 K cup filling and sealing machine has also been upgraded. It is faster, more accurate, and more stable. Compact body allows you to use him anywhere

Now it is very easy to change the mold to produce different capsules, such as K cup, Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza Point, Lavazza blue and so on. However, you need to communicate with us in advance so that we can provide you with specific solutions.

H1 K cup filling and sealing machine


Single lane can produce 30-50 cpmin


Small layout, Machine layout size is around L6.5ft*W3.2ft*H7ft


Save Energy, Machine power is 1ph 220V. and consumption 2.5KW/h

1 Operator

One Operator is enough for this machine, very easy to learn and use

Simple, easy to use and clean, trouble-free, efficient, small footprint. . .
These are what users think of him


Complete functions, small and exquisite

This is a full automatic K cup filling and sealing machine which has the functions: Empty K -cup feeding, No cup No fill, Filling, Edge Cleaning, Sealing, Outputting.

You can choose to use pre cut lids and Roll film sealing materials.

It is widely used in Nespresso capsules, K cups capsules, Lavazza capsules, Dolce Gusto capsules, and other capsules production.

The electrical parts are mainly from Schneider, Omron, Autonics, SMC and airtac brands.

Machine specifications

1 Machine Speed 30-50 c.p.min
2 Power Source 1 phs, 220V/60HZ
3 Power 2.5 Kw
4 Air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
5 Air consumption 950L/min
6 Nitrogen Consumption 50L/min
7 Working Temperature 5-35℃
8 Humidity ≤85%
9 Machine Rack size L1800*W820*H2150 mm
10 Weight 700Kg
11 Machine electrical parts from Schneider brand
12 Machine pneumatic parts from SMC and Airtac

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