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One stop K cups filling sealing packaging solutions

filling machine
Filling Sealing Packaging Machines

Custom-built K cups filling sealing machines and K cup packaging machines, Stable and reliable working performance, Precise dosing unit, beautiful sealing and packaging.

Have many speeds vary from 1500-20000 cph for your choose, with many functions to realize your high efficient production demands. Top brands electrical and pneumatic components applied in the machines, Good after-sale service, quickly response for all your ask.

Empty welded K cups small1
Empty K cups and lids

Brand new materials, strong oxygen barrier design to keep your coffee fresh utmost, this K cups can fit in all Keurig machines. The lids are made by food grade aluminum material with protected printing oil for keurig 2.0 system, very strong sealing.


Grow with customers

  • 2010.01.10AFPAK company founded

    5 senior mechanical engineers are not satisfied with the machine technology, limited by the Lagging production conditions in their previous companies, they have some potential customers who are looking for higher quality machines, so the five engineers determined to produce the better machines and products, that's what AFPAK comes from!
  • 2010.06.25The first coffee capsule filling machine was born

    After 6 months hard working, the first coffee capsule filling sealing machine was born, it is slow, 4 lanes machine only can produce 2000 capsules per hour, and the coffee filling is not precise, but our customer liked it, because it is still much better than the machines in the market now. So we begin to produce higher quality machines based on this equipment.
  • 2013.07.20High speed K cup filling sealing machine came out

    In the first three years, we have sold about 50 machines to Australia, USA, Canada, Holland, Spain. Many customers feedback lots of good suggestions in the details of the machine. AFPAK engineer team upgrading the machines every year. In the year of 2013, with the help of an rich experience USA engineer, we make a very great improvement on machine's stability and surface, and AFPAK become the top manufacturer to produce the K cup filling sealing machines, even we have bridged the gap between our machines and Italian machines.
  • 2018.05Machine speed upgrade

    In the may of 2018, we made a big upgrade on the machine speed. Now our rotary machine one lane can produce 60-80 cpmin. Our linear line machine 2 lanes and 4 lanes machine can produce up to 50 cycles per min. This is almost same speed with the Italian machines. AFPAK Vision is always to help our customer get the best machines with honest prices.

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