140-200 K cups per min

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up to 12000 Kcups/hour

This machine standard functions: empty K cups feeding, No cup no filling, Filling, Put lids, no lids machine stop, sealing, output, Nitrogen flushing
Filling Accuracy: ±0.2 grams
Can keep 92% or more Nitrogen inside K cups after sealed
Small Footprint layout, with wheels to move to anywhere
Durable, compact rotary machine fits into tight spaces and tight budgets!
This K cups filling sealing machine is perfect for packaging coffee, tea, soluble powders and coco powders
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AF-H4 K cup filling machine


AF-H4 K cup filling machine is an ideal solution for packaging large runs of coffee and tea K cups.

  • It features innovative technology, flexibility and reliability at economical costs
  • Accurate, users friendly operation, reliable working performance is a constant feature in all of our machines
  • All product contact parts are made by food grade Stainless steel 304/316 material.
  • Machine is flexible in running to satisfy the strictest requirements of food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Servo Motor controlled filler, filling accuracy is stable and high in 0.2grams error.
  • It is a fully automatic machine, which incorporates a variety of sensors that allows it to detect and smartly decide how to respond to the presence or absence of cups, lids, coffee, air pressure, temperature, position, etc.
  • All electronic and pneumatic component brands used in the construction of this machine are highest quality name brands globally known in the industry manufactured in countries such as USA, Japan, Germany and France.
1Machine Standard Functions
☆ Automatic drop empty K cup
☆ Automatic detect whether K cup well located on the machine by sensor.
☆ Servo motor to fill coffee while vibrating, weight around 5-10g (can be adjust)
☆ Put lids
☆ Sensors to check no lids machine stop
☆ Sealing
☆ Auto output
2Optional functions
1. Inline weighing system
2. roll film cutting and sealing
3. Output to the pouch machine
4. Output to the box machine
5. Date printing device 6. UV lights for sterilization 7. Milk powder filtering system
3Machine specifications
1 Machine Speed 140-200 c.p.min
2 Power Source 3 phs, 220V/60HZ
3 Power 2 Kw
4 Air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
5 Air consumption 950L/min
6 Nitrogen Consumption 50L/min
7 Working Temperature 5-35℃
8 Humidity ≤85%
9 Machine Rack size L4800*W1320*H2150 mm
10 Weight 1500Kg

AFPAK AF-H4 K cup filling Machine working video


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